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Marty Simpson is a Christian Comedian.

Marty simultaneously served as the Head Football Coach and Lead Drama Director at a Private Christian High School in South Carolina for eight years. (Ben Lippen for those that care.)

What Christian Comedian (that does Comedy), is a former school teacher that took their school's football team all the way to the state championship in the fall, and then produced and directed Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest to sell-out crowds in the spring?

We know of at least one.

Marty's Christian Comedy act is filled with antics and adventures from his real life. Nothing is off limits. His wife, his kids, his dogs, his style of worship, his former college football playing days with the Gamecocks, and his awkward relationships with his African-American friends, all get discussed on stage.

Marty knows, THE CODE, which he claims is the secret to "getting along" with black people. It was this fact that caught the attention of B.E.T. (Evidently, BET knew THE CODE too!) In March of 2009, Marty went to an open call audition for B.E.T.'s new show A Time to Laugh and was one of three caucasians to even try out. He he was the only white comic featured on the show. In addition to appearing as a stand-up comic, Marty was also cast in several sketches. Marty is happy to allow this Affirmative Re-Action© to carry him as far as it is able!

As a Christian Comedian, Marty believes that there is no racial or color barrier to comedy. Laughter is universal.

(When more information is released about the show, this bio will be updated.)

Marty has performed in clubs across America from Atlanta's Uptown Comedy Corner, all the way to Los Angeles' famed Comedy Store. Marty's performance venues include clubs, churches, corporate events, elderly facilities, children's birthday parties, talent shows, fund-raisers, and he has even hosted rock concert events. No event is too large or too small for Marty's style of comedy.

Marty's clean, fun, up-lifting, story telling ability is mixed with just the right amount of bitterness and self deprecation to be an overall hilarious experience for audiences of all ages, races, genders, and species.

Marty is a rare combination of Comedian and Christian and he brings new light to the industry that is "Christian Comedy."

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